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Ferrara is famous for his "gastronomic gems" and we also have the pleasure of cultivating some of these specialties.
Following the thread of seasons we immediately meet peaches, nectarines and Percoche (peaches used to produce syrup) in our area may use the PGI recognition.

The product, however, located in Ferrara the optimal environment for soil and climate is the pear declined in all its variations: William whose unique aroma "signature" the best juices; Conference sweet and irreplaceable for the palates of the consumers in central-south ;
Decana the finest and delicate coming to the ubiquitous Abate all know and love, and closing with Kaiser, which is eaten cooked, and sometimes coated with chocolate ... a delicacy!

At the end of the harvest of pears are ready for something new: a type of kiwi fruit that ripens in late September (Summerkiwi) and in the province for the time being we are the ones who have, you can enjoy two months before a product is very sweet and full flavor and has not lost its best features in the refrigerator.
Continuing along our journey gastro-time, we approach all 'fall, this means for us Fuji apples crisp, juicy and sweet with inviting pastel colors.We are now at the end of our "hard work" to do is to raise agricultural and the Kiwi, one of the latest arrivals from us but that he found conditions to his liking getting paid by a product among the best in the area as we confirm our loyal customers

Our production of vegetables is very complex,however, preferring not to force the advance of production in order to favor the flavor products that will give.
The first time we arrive in late April are the green asparagus with the first salad, strawberries are ready in early May and from here continue with onions, tomatoes, eggplants,peppers and whatever your requirements we suggest.
In mid-June the melons are ready and if the curing salami is over the greedy have something to take advantage.The Summer imposes frenetic rhitm, the crops already hound beginning of July another branded product is ready for DOP be collected, we are talking about 'Garlic Voghiera that deservedly is getting to know and collecting growing consensus among gourmets.
We produce all 'inside of the Consortium for further guarantee of quality.August is the month of pumpkins from the most varied forms and colors that anticipate the goodness of 'internal: the classical violin for hats, the Delica to use at the spoon and Quintale that will create enormous lanterns the feast of All Saints (Halloween).
At the end of the great hot summer vegetables that are transplanted close our production in autumn and winter, fennel,cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and radicchio part with latest round of salad that will be available until first frosts and then the winter.
The fields rest, are plowing the land to prepare the bestseed bed for another year of excellent vegetables.

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