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Ferrara and neighborhood

Surrounding the Court found some beautiful emergencies architecture that create an ideal locationhistoric-artistic
for centuries has accompanied the development of our territory.
Most of these are linked to the period and the first ducaland also the most famous of the Estes, is the Belriguardo who delight in the architectural development follows the palace of Versailles, is about 6 km and is home also the civic museum with artifacts dating of VoghieraRomanesque. Also nearby is the Castle of Verginese.In the opposite direction instead we Copparo seat Another delight and from there 'continuing into Sabbioncello S. Vittoreyou can visit Villa Mensa, ancient bishopric and continue then Tresigallo (city symbol 900) with features rationalist style architecture

The part closest to the sea finds its architectural attractions the most interesting in the city of Comacchio (known as Little Venice  for environmental similarities that bind them) and Mesola with its castle.
Halfway between the two there is the famous Abbey of Pomposa Benedictine building.
For lovers of nature instead is the essential step Park of the Po Delta and for its peculiarity deserves  much more than a quick visit.
And finally, the coast with its seven beaches, each with different  characteristics and are able to offer vast sandy beaches where you can relax during the day and nights dedicated to the fun.

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